Private Label Cosmetics

Private Label Cosmetics

Get our expertised service for these products.  

As a contract manufacturer of high quality natural cosmetics and body care products, we are entitled to natural ingredients such as essential& carrier oils, herbs and minerals. We have a minimum order quantity  as low as 3600pcs for each product. Our delivery lead time, depending on product and volume, vary from 2 weeks to 2 months after order confirmation, please ask.

The product forms that we are manufacturing:
- Cream
- Lotion / Balm
- Gel
- Serum
- Tonic
- Wax
- Natural Oil
- Ozonated Oils
- Clay Mask/Mud
- Shampoo
- Cleanser Gel
- Drop Bottle Liquids/Lipids

The product groups that we are manufacturing:

- Natural Essential Oil Anti Aging Series
- Anti-wrinkle/ Decolette Series
- Firming/ Slimming Series
- Anti Spot Brightening Series
- Anti-Acne Series
- Haircare Series
- Anti-fungal Series
- Footcare Series
- Facial Care Series
- Handcare Series
- Natural Anti-cellulite series
- Pain Relief Series
- Depilatory Series
- Natural Suncare / Tanning Series
- Shampoo / Shower Gel / Liquid Soap Series
- Babycare Series
- Pregnant/ Nursing Series
- Beauty Soap Series


Specific Product Series

Active Ingredient Shampoo Series 

*hair loss, dandruff, etc.

Herbal Shampoo Series (Dry, Oily and other types)

Garlic Shampoo, Nettle Shampoo, Aloe Vera Shampoo, Mixed Herb Shampoo, etc.

Shower Gel Series (Aromatheraphy and Fresh)

Liquid Soaps

Body Care Series

*Herbal/Active Creams, *Lotions, *Serum, *Vials, *Suncare Series,

Anti-  products Series 

Anti-acne, anti-spot, anti-cellulite, anti-varicosal, etc

Clay Series

Clay masks, clay soaps, clay cream, clay cream bar, etc.

Cleansers/ Tonics

Acne cleanser/tonic , spot cleanser/tonic , make-up cleaning tonic


After shave balms, refreshing balms, ultrasonic gels/balms (for pregnant)

Much more we can do!

Bring your private label projects or pick one of the hundreds of products from our range. Ask  for any further nformation you may need.

Before asking Quotation please specify:
- Product form and group from above list.
- Order Volume for each product (Quantity) ,
- Your brand name or ours (Graphics design and print of Label & Box),
- Select the products you want to have produced per order.